Hajeong is…

An artist, creator, dreamer, innovator, designer, user researcher, business person, creative thinker, problem solver, and more who has many balanced skills.

Early on

The very first painting that I draw was a formicary with crayon on paper which I receive a prize from Asia-Pacific Art Organization. I studied art as a professional art student at an art school. I majored in Visual Communication Design where I learned the basic skills as a graphic designer and studied marketing strategies. When Internet is in our everyday life, I wanted to know more on users who are using my products both digital and physical. I managed projects and running my own business in multiple industries.


I am in the period of preparing for the second half of my life Now I have experienced through my past, trials and errors, and I gained a lot of wisdom no one can attain.

The time that I am living now is full of variety, respect for diversities, and value the happiness of the life.

I will never stop learning and adapting new things that are in this world with curiosity. And this space is the place where I can talk about myself.